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Master Aligners Inc.
Vibration Removal Specialists

With over 50 years experience in the trucking industry and 12 years alignment business, we have developed a patented method of balancing and aligning your trucks tires to provide maximum control and performance.

We will test drive your vehicle before and after service to assure the best results are obtained. We aren't happy until you're happy.

By checking bearings, truing and balancing all tires and wheels on vehicle (balanced by the power of the engine) and complete 3 axle laser beam alignment, we can prevent your rear tires on tractor from having a heel and toe wear pattern.

Our procedures require no need to bend axles to get your truck back into perfect alignment.

We specialize in removing vibration for a more comfortable ride, removing pull left or right, and extending tire mileage. 

We'll take the worst driving truck and turn it into the best driving truck around.

Any and all big rigs,
 including buses, motor homes,
 oil field equipment, cranes 
and trailers of all descriptions.

A perfectly aligned chassis will:

  • Save you money

  • Save you maintenance costs

  • Save you fuel expenses

  • Save your tires

  • Help prevent driver fatigue

We take great pride in the work we do for you
 and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Email us at:

Master Aligners Inc.
Exit 591 I-20 @ FM2087
Longview, Texas 75603
Phone: (903) 753-9520

Manager: Don Haskins
Owners: J.L. Haskins and Danny Haskins

We accept:
MasterCard and Visa

Services Available:
Truing & Balancing of 10 tires while on vehicle.
We remove all cab pitch.
Checking & setting of toe.
Resetting of caster.
Prevent heel & toe wear on rear tires.
Repair & replacement of front end & suspension parts
including but not limited to:

Drive Lines U-Joints Yokes
Brakes Wheel Seals Bearings
Springs U-Bolts Shocks
King Pins Alternators Starters